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RRR 40
Böhse Onkelz
Der Nette Mann
Rock-O-Rama Records
RRR 36
Terveet Kädet
Black God
Rock-O-Rama Records
Der Fluch
Der Fluch
Rock-O-Rama Records
DAC LP 0003
David Allan Coe
Underground Album
D.A.C. Records
DWG 001
Drunks With Guns
Drunks With Guns
Cheap Beer Records
DWG 002
Drunks With Guns
Thirst For Knowledge
Cheap Beer Records
Schütze Deine Kinder
A-Z Records
Wir kriegen Euch alle…
Endstufe Records
Mad Martens
Das Beste am Norden
B.H. Records
Reb Rebel Records

There's a very odd story here. Records on the Reb Rebel label were recorded by Jay D. Miller (also appearing on the label as the songwriter J. West), the influential Louisiana songwriter, studio operator, and record executive. Miller's biggest success as a songwriter was Kitty Well's breakthrough hit "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels". It was the answer he wrote to Hank Thompson's "Wild Side of Life".

He was also Excello Record's biggest and best source of material. He stamped the label with a signature sound and style that has become Excello's best legacy. In the 1950s and '60s, Jay D. Miller recorded some of the finest downhome blues, R&B, rockabilly and swamp pop from it's stable of artists: Slim Harpo, Arthur Gunter, The Gladiolas, Lonesome Sundown, Al Ferrier, Guitar Gable, Johnny Jano, The Marigolds, Rudy Green, The Blues Rockers, Lazy Lester, Lightnin' Slim, Silas Hogan and many, many more.

The strange part is that all the while he was recording these great black swamp classics, he was also recording sessions for his own Reb Rebel label. There were twenty-two releases spanning 1966-1972 on this odd label. Some were very in-your-face releases, others were simply down-south patriotic pieces.

Catalog Number Artist Title Format Year
500 Son of Mississippi Flight NAACP 105 7-inch Single 1966
501 Happy Fats Dear Mr. President 7-inch Single 1966
502 Son of Mississippi High Ride 7-inch Single 1966
503 Happy Fats Sing Me a Folksong 7-inch Single 1966
504 Johnny Rebel Kajun Ku Klux Klan 7-inch Single 1967
505 Happy Fats You're Next 7-inch Single 1966
506 Son of Mississippi Joining The Big Society 7-inch Single 1966
507 Happy Fats My Little Lou Lou 7-inch Single 1966
508 Johnny Rebel Nigger Hatin' Me 7-inch Single 1966
509 Son of Mississippi The New Sheriff 7-inch Single 1967
510 Happy Fats A Victim of the Big Mess 7-inch Single 1967
511 Johnny Rebel The Money Belongs To Us 7-inch Single 1967
512 Son of Mississippi NAACP Jig-A-Boo Gemini 7-inch Single 1967
513 Happy Fats Birthday Thank You Tommy, from Viet Nam 7-inch Single 1967
514 Johnny Rebel Nigger, Nigger 7-inch Single 1968
515 Johnny Rebel Still Looking For A Handout 7-inch Single 1968
516 James Crow Cowboys and Niggers 7-inch Single 1968
517 Happy Fats What Has Happened to Old Glory 7-inch Single 1968
518 Johnny Rebel Some Niggers Never Die 7-inch Single 1969
519 Happy Fats The Things I MIss The Most 7-inch Single 1969
520 Happy Fats More Federal Guidelines 7-inch Single 1969
LP 1000 V/A For Segregationists Only LP 1971