Arch Villain Records

While this may not be an official sub-label of Cheap Beer Records, this label's sole release is made from the same pressing plates as the Cheap Beer releases. This came at a time when the band had split into two camps, and while one side released the band's next EP on a different label, the other side repackaged earlier songs into an EP on this label.

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ALCD 042
Störkraft Solo
Jörg & die Bagaluten
ME 564
6. Für Deutschland Vol. II
ERH 101
HIC Systeemi
ERH 100
Ever Alone
FF 8
Above The Ruins
Songs Of The Wolf
FF 7
Release The Bats
Ever Pleasant Smile…
FF 5
Gothic Bop
FF 4
FF 3
Gothic Bop
FF 2
They Must Be Russians
They Must Be Russians