Demo CD

Around 1995/6, Rock-O-Rama released a series of CDs containing demos from an assortment of bands. These all had very generic packaging and most contained more than one demo compiled onto the CD. The first five were numbered consecutively from 1000 to 1004, and for some reason the sixth in the series had the numbering start over at 1000.

Some of these were loosely grouped into a series called "Alles für Deutschland". This series has 5 installments: Demosampler I and Demosampler II (DEMOCD1003), Balladen Demosampler I (DEMOCD1004), Chaoten by Oithanasie (DEMOCD 1000), and one other that is not specified. The subtitle of the Chaoten CD is "Alles für Deutschland V" so this suggests that there is at least one that is not specified.

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ALCD 042
Störkraft Solo
Jörg & die Bagaluten
ME 564
6. Für Deutschland Vol. II
ERH 101
HIC Systeemi
ERH 100
Ever Alone
FF 8
Above The Ruins
Songs Of The Wolf
FF 7
Release The Bats
Ever Pleasant Smile…
FF 5
Gothic Bop
FF 4
FF 3
Gothic Bop
FF 2
They Must Be Russians
They Must Be Russians