Walhalla Records

This might have been the earliest of the post-vinyl Rock-O-Rama sub-labels, pre-dating B.H. Records by several months to a year. There is one technicality to that, however, there was a large gap in time between the first and second releases on this label. It may have been planned to be another one-off label as was common at the time, but was added to later on.

There are several releases under this numbering system which say Steelbreaker Records on the cover, however they will remain listed under this label if they have the WALCD numbering. The original Steelbreaker imprint was active in 1992 and released two American hardcore CDs.

Quite a few numbers were skipped in this series. There are no known releases for numbers 113, 114, 121, 122, 123, 129, 131, 132, 133 or 134.

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ALCD 042
Störkraft Solo
Jörg & die Bagaluten
ME 564
6. Für Deutschland Vol. II
ERH 101
HIC Systeemi
ERH 100
Ever Alone
FF 8
Above The Ruins
Songs Of The Wolf
FF 7
Release The Bats
Ever Pleasant Smile…
FF 5
Gothic Bop
FF 4
FF 3
Gothic Bop
FF 2
They Must Be Russians
They Must Be Russians