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This Rock-O-Rama sublabel repressed some old releases that hadn't made it to CD yet. It was unclear as to what the name of this sub-label was, as it was never printed on the original releases. Some recent editions have the name International Records printed on the discs, and all the releases are from bands that are international in relation to Germany. So even though it has no relation to the BS prefix, the name of the label does make sense. It is entirely possible this name was decided upon later.

The first four releases (100-103) used the catalog prefix of BHCD on the side labels but this was most likely a mistake as all of the discs themselves have the BSCD numbering. Some people list these four discs under both imprints, but it makes no sense to have these under the BHCD numbering so here they are only placed under the BSCD list.

Several releases in this series do not appear to have sold well, as they were sold at clearance prices by Rock-O-Rama. However, some of these releases are quite rare. BSCD 101 and 103 are the two most difficult discs to find in this series. Both were reissued under different catalog numbers on other sub-labels. Others, such as BSCD 102 and 105 are difficult to find in their first pressings on this sub-label, but are more commonly found in their later CD-R editions.

The dates of all these releases are estimates. There are no dates given on any of the releases. One thing is clear, these were released over two or three years. The earlier releases have characteristics of Rock-O-Rama discs from around 1995, while the later releases have characteristics of discs from around 1997.

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ALCD 042
Störkraft Solo
Jörg & die Bagaluten
ME 564
6. Für Deutschland Vol. II
ERH 101
HIC Systeemi
ERH 100
Ever Alone
FF 8
Above The Ruins
Songs Of The Wolf
FF 7
Release The Bats
Ever Pleasant Smile…
FF 5
Gothic Bop
FF 4
FF 3
Gothic Bop
FF 2
They Must Be Russians
They Must Be Russians