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Towards the end of the original run of Rock-O-Rama Records, Herbert started producing some vinyl releases again. At best guess, these records were released sometime between 2003 and 2005. These were all limited runs, probably 500 each, pressed on several different vinyl colors. The cover art appears to be enlarged versions of the CD cover artwork. Overall, these are cheap vinyl editions produced for the sake of putting these albums on vinyl.

It's not clear why these particular titles were chosen. Skrewdriver's Hail Victory seems a pretty obvious choice, as it was the only one of the original Skrewdriver albums that had not been given an official vinyl release. The HKL album seems to be a more arbitrary choice. The Klansmen album is the most curious of the three known releases, as it had already been released on vinyl in 1991. Apart from the Skrewdriver album, none of these are really sought-after.

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ALCD 042
Störkraft Solo
Jörg & die Bagaluten
ME 564
6. Für Deutschland Vol. II
ERH 101
HIC Systeemi
ERH 100
Ever Alone
FF 8
Above The Ruins
Songs Of The Wolf
FF 7
Release The Bats
Ever Pleasant Smile…
FF 5
Gothic Bop
FF 4
FF 3
Gothic Bop
FF 2
They Must Be Russians
They Must Be Russians